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Data Migration

The biggest challenge for businesses these days is not just about running their operations, but also digitizing their data and storing itoptimally. Investing smartly to handle the entire data process is crucial and directly links to thesuccess of the Business. Often, in the modern-day scenario, data is stored on Cloud platforms and more and more companies are leveraging the cloud storage capabilities and moving their data from on-premise servers to the cloud servers. .

The process of moving data from one environment/server to the other is called Data Migration and an essential business process. Of late, many companies are migrating data from their on-premise servers to the cloud platforms because of the advantage the Cloud platforms have over the on-premise data servers. Such projects are on high demand and crucial for the success on any organization considering the way the Data Engineering and Data Management landscape has changed over the years.

Crossroad Elf,a company that is highly accomplished in the field of Data Migration, offers tailor-made solutions to the data migration problems that may be unique to every customer.

Why do businesses need efficient and secure Data Migration services ?

Partial or incorrect data migration process execution can cost businesses a lot ofeffort and money,andalso affect the overall functioning of the business.Comparatively anefficient data migration process execution allows businesses to be worry-freeand focus on other important operational aspects. With the help of Crossroad Elf,businesses no longer need to worry about managing their own data.

Businesses and organizations might need to undertake data migration for a number of reasons:

1. To upgrade databases from old versions

2. To modify database according to new business requirements

3. To merge data due toacquisitions

4. Establish new data warehouses.

4. Refurbish data systems.

4. Revamp business applications

How can Crossroad Elf DSS Pvt. Ltd. help businesses?

By designing and deploying tailor made solutions, Crossroad Elf DSS Pvt. Ltd. helps businesses turn their data into assets. Through a step-by-step and structured approach, Crossroad Elfbrings in the appropriate solutions through the usage of right tools aligned to specific projects. Our expert teams are highly capable of building scalable solutions and integrating data with cloud infrastructures. Before migrating the data,a complete audit of the data is undertaken. Following the audit, anyoutstanding issues that needs to be addressed to protect the data is resolved. The Data Integration process is kick started integrating the business rules and other aspects of the solution. The process will strictly follow the best practices and sophisticated project management guidelines. A detailed analysis report is provided post completion of the Data Integration process execution.

The 3 Step Process of Data Migration to Cloud

1. Determine what elements of the business systems need migration.

2. Migrate data with privacy, security and compliance.

3. Plan, strategize and implement data migration efficiently.

Crossroad Elf is based in HSR Layout, Bangalore and is one among the top data engineering companies in India. We pioneer in providing high quality services in the following domains:

  • Data Migration
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science

Our Engineers are highly qualified and experienced in Informtica, Power BI reporting, Tableau, ETL, OLAP, Cloud data engineering, Data Modelling, Data Migration, Data Modeling, OBIA Consulting, OBIEE Consulting and so on.

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