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Google Data Engineering

The cloud is beckoning major businesses. Cloud services are useful to businesses of all sizes—small companies benefit from the low cost, as compared to buying servers. Larger companies gain reliability and productivity, with less cost, since the services run on optimum energy and maintenance.

At Crossroad Elf, one of the leading Cloud Data Engineering Companies, can help in managing big data transformations including - extracting, loading, transforming, cleaning, and validating data; designing pipelines and architectures for data processing; maintaining machine learning and statistical models; querying datasets, visualizing query results and creating reports becomes a fun, intuitive and engaging with Google Cloud Platform. Our in-house Data Engineer Consultants work very closely with our clients in uncovering result-oriented insights from their data.

Google has put a lot of work into optimizing its infrastructure and creating a suite of tools and services to manage it effectively. Google Cloud Platform puts this infrastructure and these management resources at your fingertips.

Google Data Engineering

Why move from a traditional Data engineering system to Cloud?

  1. There is more flexibility for a promising startup or business to get free credits for 1–2 years, hence allowing you to leverage GCP.
  2. VMs don't have a mess of instance types, just standard but customizable CPU/RAM combinations with any disks and local SSDs attached. Live-migrated, billed to the second, and automatically grouped per cpu/ram increments for billing discounts.
  3. Storage is fast with uncapped bandwidth with strongly consistent listings. BigQuery, BigTable and lots of other services have "no-ops" so there's no overhead other than getting your work done.
  4. It also offers considerable scale and load balancing – Google knows data centers and fast response time.





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